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Ep 3. Wakey Wakey Force

..wherein the gents discuss old and new Star Wars films and paraphernalia, directors and writers, Palpatine’s Last Will & Testament, serenading movie posters, dancing Tusken Raiders, and whether Han can actually tell Wookies apart. Lens flares not included.

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2 Comments Ep 3. Wakey Wakey Force

  1. Curtis Hart

    Loved this episode!

    My feelings about the prequels are spot-on with your feelings. I’ve written off them and my own version is what has replaced it. As for Annikin killing off the kids – the problem with me was that’s the only real act he did. Clone Troopers took care of all the ‘real’ Jedis with Order 66. It would’ve had a MUCH bigger impact if Annikin (Now Darth Vader) led the troopers to kill the Jedi (short montage) and when he returns Palpatine then said something to the extent of ‘Now that the real threat is eliminated, you need to tie up the loose ends of any threats that can come years from now.” Hinting at killing the kids.

    Overall, really enjoying the podcast and amazed how spot-on some of your predictions are for The Force Awakens.

    1. Aaron de Orive

      I couldn’t agree more, Curtis. If Annakin had actually fought and killed Jedi rather than a bunch of younglings, I’d feel differently about that scene. In fact, let the Clone Troopers shoot the kids and have Annakin fight the badasses. Which just makes him more badass.

      And yeah, I was a bit surprised how accurate some of my predictions were concerning THE FORCE AWAKENS. Maybe I should write one of those sequels. 😉

      Thanks for listening and commenting!



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