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A Quick Blogging Note

Cold SelfieHey folks. Mark Finn here, to let you know that we will be dropping in to blog from time to time as the mood and inclination strikes us. When we get something substantial on here, we’ll try to let everyone know.

And hey, please let us know what you liked, or even what you didn’t like, about the podcasts. We’d love some feedback so we can fine-tune what we are doing!

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2 Comments A Quick Blogging Note

  1. Tom B

    I’m curious…I know I’m of a similar age with Aaron. Am I the only person I know who loved the Major Matt Mason action figure? With spacesuit and helmet? There was a whole line of toys I collected. This would have been late ’60s, I believe.

    1. Mark Finn

      I was just a hair too late for Major Matt Mason. Born in 1969. But I was there for all of the other stuff: The Marx solid plastic action figures and of course, the 12″ G.I. Joes. I’ve got a friend who had the whole Matt Mason line, and he mourns its passing to this day.


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