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Ep 13. Marvel v DC v TV – Fight!

…in which the Gents discuss DC and Marvel on the small screen over the last several decades, from Spiderman’s old goggles to Daredevil’s new duds. Topics wind up devolving into Stan Lee impersonations, the possibility of too many watertowers, and the animosity between WB Film and Television studios. Bonus Feature: Mark Hulks out.


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2 Comments Ep 13. Marvel v DC v TV – Fight!

  1. Curtis Hart

    Mark, you gorgeous gorilla you. You made my heart swell when I heard you say The Rocketeer as your dream series.

    As for mine, and now with Netflix being an option as well as cable, I would love to see a Grim Jack series. John O. needs to take his residuals from Suicide Squad (I know, he didn’t get anything since it’s technically DC owned) and fund this.

    Or Mage – 1 season. Done. Does NOT need an ongoing series for this.

    Or Grendel. 2 seasons of Hunter Rose, season 2+ of Christine Spar, just a continuing revolving of the main character with Eppy Thatcher, Grendel Prime, etc.

    1. Michael Finn

      I actually wanted to do an adaptation of Mage in my college screenwriting class, but half my run went missing so I switched to Charles deLint’s The Jack of Kinrowan. Would love to see Mage adapted.


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