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Isn’t Superman Supposed to Be a Positive Force?

There’s critique, and then there’s acrimony.

I’m witnessing a bunch of hate and vitriol being spouted forth about WB’s recent take on Superman.  An unhealthy amount, since much of it seems to be coming from the same individuals any chance they get, suggesting that this level of rage Snyder has wrought may not exactly be helping their stress levels. It’s quite likely harshing their zen.

Furthermore, the disgust and anger at people who even passingly liked the movie does not serve the fan community; it will certainly bring about change, but not in a good way.

Shining through all this, however, are the times where people show their love for what many call the core of the character, posting their favorite bits from comics, fan art, and other media…prompting a comment on a friend’s FB wall:

“I still haven’t seen Batman V Superman, but if nothing else, the movie has inspired people to post so many wonderful Superman moments that remind me why he’s such a special character. Have had more teary eyed moments re-reading these panels recently than in all the movies I’ve seen in the last year. As a hopeless romantic in the classical sense, characters like Superman and Captain America appeal to my desire for the world to be a little better, a little more honest, a little more noble of spirit.” – Alaric Weigle


Instead of repeatedly hearing how the new version sucks and people refuse to see the film, ad naseum, I’d read the heck out of  more of these positive statements.


Please, fandom hivemind, I ask that you show folks how Supes is supposed to be… instead of grumbling like the broken down, seething Batman.

Be the Supes you want him to be.





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