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Ep 14. B versus S versus G Post-Mortem

…in which the Gents manage to work Shakespeare, Darkseid, Picasso, Bond, Hercules, Bela Lugosi and Star Wars into their different opinions of Batman v Superman, and why it did or did not work. What makes a character, change of myths over time, the value of creative license, and fan reactions are all discussed. Marvel makes its way into the Coda Shawarma, of course. Heated arguments not included.


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1 Comment Ep 14. B versus S versus G Post-Mortem

  1. Tom Bagwell

    I appreciated this podcast. Thanks for your more objective approach to BvS. I’d listened to a couple of other podcasts that involved constant ranting and denigrating the possibility that anyone could possibly enjoy the movie. Even when you disliked something you discussed it rationally and with respect for differing viewpoints. My views on the movie parallel Aaron’s, so your approach was…refreshing.


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