The Gentlemen Nerds

About The Gents

Why are they called the Gentlemen Nerds? Because they’re four guys who know each other from various media endeavors, getting together in the Lobot Lounge to talk about geeky and nerdy things, mostly in the vein of entertainment…and they’re gentlemen about it. No clickbait schadenfreude bile reviews, no bashing each other or the audience for having different opinions from each other. Just dwelling on things they think are cool, or delving into why one of them likes something and another does not. With wild tales, cult media, insider and behind-the-scenes information sprinkled all throughout. It’s like a con in a box.

Between the four of them, the Gentlemen Nerds are comprised of 4 writers, 3 projectionists, 2 and half screenwriters, 2 actors, a producer, a playwright, an editor, a Universal Studios Monster Ambassador, a computer RPG quest designer, a tabletop RPG story consultant, a theater owner, a media critic, a national TV Horror Host, a professional Santa, a teacher, an anthropology guy, and an impressive movie collection.

The Gentlemen Nerds:

Aaron de Orive
Joseph Fotinos
Mark Finn
Micheal Ashleigh Finn