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Michael Ashleigh Finn

Mickey Finn

Mickey Finn can often be seen on the Texas Convention Circuit as a regular member of the roving bands of panelists and peanut galleries that people stare at from the audience.

He’s a short story author who’s trying his hand at novel writing. In addition, he’s a a freelance thematic consultant, currently working for Dynamite Entertainment on the Hugo-nominated Jim Butcher’s The Dresden Files and the ManaPunk RPG, as well has having edited for the Backspace and CHUDStories anthologies.

Errata: May have been the last person hired (writing team) by FASA, 2 weeks before the doors shut. (So blame him.) Chocoholic. Both a cat & dog person. Anglophile. Has never been a short order cook (which appears to be a requirement in publishing). BA in Radio/TV/Film and a BS in Sociocultural and Forensic Anthropology… which makes him qualified to make films about people, dead or alive.

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