The Gentlemen Nerds

Michael Ashleigh Finn

Michael Ashleigh FinnMickey is one fourth of The Gentlemen Nerds, as well as the editor for the show. He can often be seen on the Texas Convention Circuit as a regular member of the roving bands of panelists and peanut galleries that people stare at from the audience.

He’s a short story author who’s trying his hand at novel writing. In addition, he’s a a freelance thematic consultant, currently working for Dynamite Entertainment on the Hugo-nominated Jim Butcher’s The Dresden Files and the ManaPunk RPG, as well has having edited for the Backspace and CHUDStories anthologies.

Errata: May have been the last person hired (writing team) by FASA, 2 weeks before the doors shut. (So blame him.) Chocoholic. Both a cat & dog person. Anglophile. Has never been a short order cook (which appears to be a requirement in publishing). BA in Radio/TV/Film and a BS in Sociocultural and Forensic Anthropology… which makes him qualified to make films about people, dead or alive.

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