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Ep 33. Pulp Friction

The Gents dive into the original pulp magazines, authors and heroes, as well as their influence on modern films and writers. Dutch angles not included.

Please note that there is the occasional (and unusual) modulation in some voices on this episode. It is not your download. We control the horizontal….

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Ep 15. 7 Habits of Highly Successful Time Travelers

As Mickey packs for WhoFest, the Gents delve into the mysteries and media of Time Travel. Books, movies, and TV are poked and prodded, as well as philosophical quandaries. Part 1 of infinity includes Doctor Who, Back to the Future, Simon Hawke, Jack the Ripper in 70’s San Fransisco, bad 60’s Television, Quantum Leap, a hanging, Time Bandits, playing poker with yourself, Voyagers, and somehow….Ed Wood. Flux Capacitor not included.


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