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Ep 22. Guilty Pleasures – Live at Armadillocon

The Gents vs a Live Audience…recorded at Armadillocon in Austin, the Funky Four pull secret shames from the audience, shows and movies too cringe-worthy to admit they hold dear. Features Trump as a Harkonnen and roller skating disco muses. Filmed in glorious Armadill-O-Vision.

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Ep 20. Hollywood’s Top 40 of the 80’s

The Gents list out their favorite must-sees of horror, fantasy, science fiction and action films from the 80’s. Lively discussion, a confession post-credits, and proof that they can’t count as this list is about 52 films long. JuJuBes not Included.


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Hollywood / Podcast / Television


Wherein the Gents discuss the effects, positive and negative, of fan feedback on artistic creations on Hollywood, Netflix, and beyond. Topics include Nerd Rage, Geek Hail Marys, fans influencing writing, and whether a robot female Buckaroo Banzai would fly in today’s culture. Vitriolic Misanthropy Not Included.

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