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Ep 22. Guilty Pleasures – Live at Armadillocon

The Gents vs a Live Audience…recorded at Armadillocon in Austin, the Funky Four pull secret shames from the audience, shows and movies too cringe-worthy to admit they hold dear. Features Trump as a Harkonnen and roller skating disco muses. Filmed in glorious Armadill-O-Vision.

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Wherein the Gents discuss the effects, positive and negative, of fan feedback on artistic creations on Hollywood, Netflix, and beyond. Topics include Nerd Rage, Geek Hail Marys, fans influencing writing, and whether a robot female Buckaroo Banzai would fly in today’s culture. Vitriolic Misanthropy Not Included.

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Ep 16. Wild Wild Westeros

…in which the Gents discuss the characters and plots of Game of Thrones up to S6e2, connections with the books, who is going to be the last butt in that chair, and which of the Gents likes Gwendoline Christie the most. Winds of Winter not included.


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Ep 15. 7 Habits of Highly Successful Time Travelers

As Mickey packs for WhoFest, the Gents delve into the mysteries and media of Time Travel. Books, movies, and TV are poked and prodded, as well as philosophical quandaries. Part 1 of infinity includes Doctor Who, Back to the Future, Simon Hawke, Jack the Ripper in 70’s San Fransisco, bad 60’s Television, Quantum Leap, a hanging, Time Bandits, playing poker with yourself, Voyagers, and somehow….Ed Wood. Flux Capacitor not included.


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Ep 13. Marvel v DC v TV – Fight!

…in which the Gents discuss DC and Marvel on the small screen over the last several decades, from Spiderman’s old goggles to Daredevil’s new duds. Topics wind up devolving into Stan Lee impersonations, the possibility of too many watertowers, and the animosity between WB Film and Television studios. Bonus Feature: Mark Hulks out.


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Ep 12. Making the Sausage Pt1

…which finds the Gents behind the curtain, answering the questions of what they’re like outside of the show. Topics include Furiosa, Fallout 4, a lack of a parrot, A Star Wars without a Death Star, Hogan’s Heroes gone horribly wrong, and an abuse of a sound fx library. Decorum not included.


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