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Ep 17 1/2. MCU ‘Special’ Features…and we are so, so sorry.

Due to a rodeo…no joke…one of the Gents couldn’t make it this week, so we postponed the recording. In lieu we offer the following brief entertainment as an apology.

I’m sure we’re going to have to apologize for the the apology. You have been warned.

Civil War Home EditionHulk Out Bucky Falcon Road Trip






















In an effort to get Mickey to like CIVIL WAR as much as they did, the Gents locked him in a private viewing of the film in 3d, with his eyes propped open with tooth picks.

They chose to do this at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, however…notorious for their WTH Preshow entertainment. He brought these gems back for you.

And the following original version of Civil War, which features Cap vs an evil Spiderman, El Santo, and torture by guinea pig. Yes….torture by guinea pig.

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