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Ep 20. Hollywood’s Top 40 of the 80’s

The Gents list out their favorite must-sees of horror, fantasy, science fiction and action films from the 80’s. Lively discussion, a confession post-credits, and proof that they can’t count as this list is about 52 films long. JuJuBes not Included.


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3 Comments Ep 20. Hollywood’s Top 40 of the 80’s

  1. Tom Bagwell

    I think you covered the majority of movies I could think of including a couple I wish I could forget. (I paid to see Timerider in the theater…)

    The only movie that seemed conspicuous in its absence that stuck with me was “Lost Boys”. Was it on the top 20, by any chance?

  2. Tony

    According to imdb (and from what I can recall, the end credits) Robert Addie, not Charlie Boorman plays Mordred.


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