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Steven Speilberg Announces SE of Jurassic Park

The real feathers found in Canada that took SKG by storm.

“As soon as I heard they’d proven that dinosaurs had feathers, I was intrigued,” said Speilberg. “So when Kathleen (Kennedy) came to me with mail from fans that they want future movies to have dinos with feathers, I said ‘Only if we go back and change the originals.’ I mean, this isn’t like E.T. with the guns…again, sorry about that….this is for accuracy. Sam (Neill) has agreed to come back for a quick reshoot to show his character was a believer in the feather theory as well. We’re going to digitally fix the age, but to be honest, Sam hasn’t aged any further since that Mouse of Madness film he did with Carpenter and Disney.”

Speilberg’s confusion on the Lovecraftian flick aside, it may take some time to change all the effects shots to include feathers on all the creatures. (Plus, they’re considering adding a molting scene.) As yet, no date has yet been announced.

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